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P&I Correspondents

GEOMAR appointed by P&I Clubs as a local correspondent for the territory of Georgia.

The role of P&I correspondents has essentially remained the same ever since were first appointed, however with today advantage of technology and communication we provide an efficient and speedy service. We maintain good and healthy relations with local Marine Authorities, Governmental Bodies, Ports and terminal management, which gives us ability to mediate the claims in more prompt and efficient way.

The implemented quality system and overall system of our work directed to continues collection and studies of related laws, new port and governmental circulars, procedures and regulations, which we introduce in more efficient way to P&I Clubs and Members accordingly. The collected practice, experience and knowledge we finally set out in our loss prevention circulars for public distribution.

Crew Claims and Medical Support

The crew claims statistically account about 30% in average of clubs claims. At GEOMAR we handle a large number of cases annually. Company staff has good experience and practice in relation of handling following most common activities and related claims:

| Crew Follow Up Treatment and expenses control | Crew Emergency Repatriation | Organization of Medical Escort | Disability Compensation | Death Compensation |

Cargo Pre-Loading Survey

It is a good practice to inspect cargo prior to loading and sometimes even prior to fixing of vessel. Pre-loading reports covers present condition of cargo, its storage conditions and suggested remarks for insertion in to cargo documents. Our pre-loading reports supported by professionally imaged evidence and facts which timely being introduced to Club and Members for further settlement with shippers. Only in such operative manner the painful question concerning insertion of remarks could be settled in timely manner with minimal delays and consequences.

Vessel P&I Pre-Entry Condition Survey

Includes detailed inspection of vessel condition, validity of documents and certification, functionality of navigational and communication equipment, maintenance of the various areas and risk assessments. Each report contains list of ascertained deficiencies and recommendations for rectification. The job performed to the best available practices and reporting of founding made in accordance with requirements of IG P&I or specific club requirements

Cargo Quantity Survey

Crew well knows and may perform the Draft Survey and Ullage Survey, however when some dispute expected, it is good to have a professional and experienced surveyor a side.There are several factors as knowledge of local problems with specific shipper or consignee, better language communication with other parties and surveyors. Such approach will be more secure for P&I Clubs and members. In the same time there are cases when the number of crew just not sufficient to arrange proper tally count. Our company may offer all types of quantity inspections: | Draft Survey | Ullage Survey| Tally | Weighing Supervision | Wagon Tank Mesasurements |

Cargo Damage Survey

Having large experience of cargo quality inspections our company has a deep knowledge of main import & export and transit cargoes. Investigation of circumstances and causes of cargo damages, mitigation of losses, loss adjusting, joint claim handling with member nominated lawyers are our daily job driven to the excellence. Our survey reports supported by properly and timely collected evidences, images and analysis, which gives to P&I Clubs and their members a strong position in protecting members interests and claim handling.

Bunker Disputes

The number of bunker disputes related to quantity and quality issues increasing in parallel with increasing quality requirements and price levels. We are ready to assist P&I Clubs and Members in such disputes. Our staff ready to arrange timely and proper sampling of bunkers, professional monitoring of bunkering operations, bunker quantity survey and laboratory analysis.

Pollution Claims

The pollution control becoming more and more strict each year. In Georgia the fine for the sea pollution starting minimum from 65000.00 GEL (abt 38 000.00 USD). Under pollution considered not only spillage of fuel oil overboard, but also the sewage waters, hydraulic oil, black smoke from exhaust pipe, rusty ballast water. Pollution cases in Georgian Courts settled under Code of Administrative Infringements. Our correspondents always ready to consult Master and arrange prompt case management. In scope of preventive measures our staff always ready to support Club and timely supply useful information.

Collision with Fixed Floating Objects and Port Constructions

Bad weather conditions, use of non-corrected charts, engine failures or sometimes just poor watch keeping are the main reasons of collisions with FFO or berth structures. Our surveyors will organize the qualified investigation, properly collect required evidences and inform Club promptly for the required actions which should be taken in order to mitigate losses. Assistance in disputes, hiring lawyers for legal support and assistance in mediation process will be performed to the best of our knowledge.

Navigational Claims

The navigation in territorial waters and port areas regulated both by international and local legislations. Traffic separation zones, different drills, proper routing, towage or pilotage operations regulated Maritime Code of Georgia and specific port Rules. In case of infringements all fines will be settled under Code of Administrative Infringements. The average fine constitutes 50000.00 GEL (29 000.00 USD). Our staff ready to give a useful advices to Club and Members for specific cases, investigate the case and assist in mitigation of losses.

Investigation of Marine Accidents

Be the first to know and be first to collect the evidences from place of accident are the main guarantees of investigation success. W e arrange investigation of such accidents as: Collision with floating objects, collisions with fixed floating objects, groundings, pollution, accidents caused by stevedores, hull and machinery damages.