Geomar Co.Ltd.
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Department of Underwater Service

Since 2007 company actively offers underwater services for the purpose of underwater inspections of objects, vessel hull, rudder, propellers, underwater repairs e.t.c. In light of above company has established an underwater department which is in charge for all underwater services. The department use all latest standards and manuals for the underwater inspections and works. Department manuals and instructions issued in accordance and incorporates requirements of Class Societies, National Standards, IMCA.

Diving Support Vessel "ORION"

Company owns DSV "ORION" ready to support underwater inspections, deliver divers to place of inspection, install buoys, deploy ROV. Support vessel fitted with radar, plotter, sonar, GMDSS A1 VHF, AIS and other navigational equipment. For the diving support vessel equipped with stationary and mobile air compressors, diver cabin, supervisor cabin with video monitoring.

ROV - Underwater Inspections

Company owns observation class ROV, using which we may carry out inspections at such deep and dangerous areas which not accessible or not safe for divers. With a help of ROV we monitor the divers work, supervise the repair process, observe vessel hull and other under water objects, assist in wreck removal operations.

Ship In-Water Survey

Under supervision of our marine surveyors and surveyors of Class Societies we able to carry out In-Water Survey. Depending from request from Owners and Class Society, in-water survey could be carried out in lieu of dry dock or as short term prolongation for next dry docking date. As a marine surveying company with divers support we are able to accomplish marine damage and investigation surveys related to underwater parts of vessel.

Berths Underwater Survey

Port hydro-infrastructure maintenance is a critical and important moment for the port management. To maintain hydro-infrastructure safe and timely repaired we offer cost effective berths and other hydro structures general underwater survey at scheduled intervals and occasional in case of damage.