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Non Marine Survey

Non Marine Survey - includes all types of inspection services related with transportation of cargoes by road, storage conditions, risk assessments, investigation of insurance cases, warehouse risks assessments, inspection of container and other means of transport damages.

Container Damage Survey

Our company have a large experience and knowledge in sphere of container damage survey. We actively follow the requirements of of IICL (International Institute of Container lessors) in scope of best available container inspection practices. In case of inquiry the detailed technical inspection of container could be arranged. Such scope of detailed inspection may include damages, cleanliness, water tightness, proper marking. The detailed report could be used for estimation of required repairs or for the evaluation of remaining market price, which is often required by insurance companies.

Warehouse Survey & Risk Assessments

Any cargo pass thru the different chains of transportation stages, which always includes storage. Regardless of warehouse purpose and type, would be it a close type warehouse, open storage or reefer chamber - all have some particular risks. Our company ready to offer professional approach to inspection of warehouses condition and assessment of related risks. An important part of our service is a preparation of appropriate and professional recommendation of how to reduce or eliminate such risks. Our warehouse condition survey reports and risk assessments reports are extremely important both for insurance companies and for warehouse managers.

Road Transport Accidents

In spite the fact that road transport less exposed to weather factors in comparing with sea transportation and more controllable conditions, nevertheless number of road transport accidents happens much often. As a rule more often accidents took place due to non adequate or non sufficient securing of cargoes, improper stowage or even non adequate transportation packing. Surveyors of our company with attention investigate all factors which could be a reason of cargo damage and transport accident. We are ready to offer professional investigation, estimation of losses and if required complex loss prevention consultations.