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By: George | February 27, 2016

We are excited to inform that GEOMAR has been recognized by the Kish P&I Club and nominated as a local P&I correspondents for the territory of Georgia.

Kish P&I Club has been formed by group of Iranian Owners at Southern Island of Kish which is situated in Persian Gulf. 

The Club directors who are from different fields of Marine industry have pooled their financial eligibility into a club which could indemnify their liabilities within international and different ports jurisdictions or territorial waters.

The Iranian shipping companies, which are participating in the formation of the Club, are among well known carriers of wet and dry cargoes.

The Club entry is available for ocean-going tankers and cargo ships of various sizes with acceptable loss records.

The Club is capable of covering the ship-owners liabilities up to USD 2,000,000 and has reinsured their excess liabilities up to USD 1,000,000,000 within Iranian Insurance Market which is headed by the Central Insurance of Iran.