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By: George | April 04, 2016

GEOMAR Co.Ltd. - 04.04.2016 successfully passed renewal audit for the approval of service supplier in accordance with requirements of Russian maritime Register of Shipping  (RMRS). 

Our company approved as a service supplier for the In-Water survey.



We are proud to announce that our company maintains effective quality management, survey and divers trainings at appropriate high level.  This is already a third approval for underwater survey in addition to previously obtained approval and recognition from Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and from Maritime Lloyd (Georgia). 

As for today GEOMAR Company owns diver supporting vessel "Orion", suitable for support of divers work both inside the port area and at anchorage as well. 

Company owns underwater observation type ROV, suitable for various underwater video inspections where diver may not access or as a CCTV. 

ROV operator in action.

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