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Bunker Disputes

Navigating the Rise of Bunker Disputes: Expert Support for P&I Clubs and Members

The number of bunker disputes related to quantity and quality issues increasing in parallel with increasing quality requirements and price levels. We are ready to assist P&I Clubs and Members in such disputes. Our staff ready to arrange timely and proper sampling of bunkers, professional monitoring of bunkering operations, bunker quantity survey and laboratory analysis.

The shipping industry is facing a growing challenge: an increase in bunker disputes related to both quantity and quality issues. This trend coincides with stricter quality regulations and rising fuel prices. At GEOMAR, we understand the complexities of bunkering operations and are here to support P&I Clubs and their Members in navigating these disputes.

Why Bunker Disputes are on the Rise:

  • Stricter Quality Requirements: New regulations and evolving fuel specifications can lead to discrepancies between expectations and delivered product.

  • Price Fluctuations: As fuel prices rise, even minor quantity discrepancies can translate into significant financial losses.

  • Complexities in Bunkering: The bunkering process involves multiple parties and potential inconsistencies in measurement and sampling procedures.

Our Expertise in Bunker Dispute Resolution:

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to assist P&I Clubs and Members in resolving bunker disputes efficiently and effectively.

Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle all aspects of the case:

  • Timely and Proper Bunker Sampling: We ensure accurate representation of the fuel quality through proper sampling procedures conducted at the time of bunkering.

  • Professional Monitoring of Bunkering Operations: Our surveyors provide independent oversight of the bunkering process, documenting quantity delivered and potential discrepancies.

  • Bunker Quantity Survey: We utilize advanced methods to determine the exact quantity of bunkers delivered, minimizing room for error.

  • Laboratory Analysis: Our network of accredited laboratories provides independent and reliable analysis of fuel quality, ensuring adherence to specifications.

Benefits of Working with Us:

  • Reduced Claim Costs: Early intervention with accurate evidence minimizes the costs associated with disputes.

  • Expedited Resolution: Our efficient approach helps achieve a faster resolution, minimizing business disruptions.

  • Expert Representation: Our experienced team provides strong technical expertise and guidance throughout the dispute process.

  • Peace of Mind: Gain confidence knowing your interests are protected by qualified professionals.

Contact GEOMAR today to discuss your specific needs and ensure a smooth and successful resolution.

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