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Draft Survey

Convenient and economical way of determining the quantity of bulk cargo loaded or discharged from ship.

GEOMAR offers reliable and independent draft surveys to determine the accurate weight of materials loaded onto or discharged from vessel. Our experienced and highly qualified marine surveyors ensure every survey adheres to stringent international guidelines, delivering precise results you can trust.

Need Accurate Cargo Weight Determination?

Trust GEOMAR's Draft Survey Services.

What We do :

  • Precise Measurements: Our surveyors meticulously measure the vessel's draft (depth of immersion) before and after loading or unloading.

  • Advanced Calculations: We utilize our unique draft survey software, programmed with standardized protocols, to analyze the raw data and calculate the precise weight change.

  • Detailed Reporting: You receive a comprehensive draft survey report outlining all relevant details, including:

    Initial and final draft readings, Water density adjustments, Ballast and consumable changes, Trim and deformation corrections, Sea condition considerations.

  • Certification: Draft Survey report serves as a reliable basis for cargo quantity certification, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your transactions.

Draft Survey Reports issued by GEOMAR accepted by Cutoms Authorities for the issue of cargo import, epxort or transit declarations.

Key Advantages:

  • Accuracy: Meticulous measurements, advanced software, and expert analysis guarantee precise weight calculations.

  • Compliance: We adhere to all international and UN Code draft survey standards, ensuring globally recognized results.

  • Transparency: Detailed reports provide clear insights into every aspect of the survey process.

  • Efficiency: Streamlined procedures minimize downtime and expedite cargo operations.

Contact GEOMAR today to discuss your draft survey needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with accurate cargo weight verification.

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