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Non-Marine Survey

Streamlining Non-Marine Claims with Expert Surveys

Ensuring a smooth claims process for both your policyholders and your insurance company is paramount. GEOMAR offers a comprehensive suite of Non-Marine Surveys specifically designed to assist insurers in accurately assessing claims related to land-based assets, equipment, and transportation systems.

Feeling Uncertain About Non-Marine Insurance Claims? GEOMAR Offers Expert Surveys.

Why Choose GEOMAR for Insurance-Appointed Non-Marine Surveys?

  • Independent and Impartial: Our team of qualified engineers and technicians operates independently, providing objective and unbiased assessments for insurers.

  • Proven Expertise in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): GEOMAR utilizes state-of-the-art NDT equipment and proven methodologies to conduct thorough and reliable inspections.

  • Detailed and Transparent Reporting: Receive comprehensive reports outlining the findings, including data, analysis, and clear explanations, facilitating efficient claims resolution.

  • Effective Communication: Our team maintains clear communication with insurers and policyholders throughout the survey process, ensuring everyone is informed and involved.

  • Global Reach and Local Knowledge: With a global network of experienced professionals, we can handle non-marine surveys anywhere in the world, while possessing a deep understanding of local regulations and standards.

GEOMAR's Non-Marine Survey Services for Insurers:

  • Loss Assessment: Following a reported incident, GEOMAR deploys qualified surveyors to assess the cause and extent of damage to structures, equipment, or transportation systems.

  • Machinery and Equipment Evaluations: Inspect critical machinery components for potential cracks, wear and tear, or corrosion that might have led to equipment failure.

  • Transportation System Assessments: Evaluate the integrity of roads, railways, and bridges using visual inspections and specialized techniques like ground penetrating radar.

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