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Vessel In-Water Survey

GEOMAR's in-water survey services provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for evaluating the underwater condition of your vessel, eliminating the need for dry docking.

Keeping your vessels operating smoothly and safely is paramount.

Benefits of In-Water Surveys:

  • Reduced Downtime: Avoid the extensive downtime and expense associated with dry docking.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Schedule surveys during operational windows to minimize disruption.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: In-water surveys are often a more economical alternative to dry docking.

  • Early Detection of Issues: Identify potential problems early on, allowing for prompt repairs and preventing costly future breakdowns.

  • Compliance with Regulations: Meet classification society requirements and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our Expertise in In-Water Vessel Surveys:

GEOMAR's experienced dive teams utilize advanced technologies to conduct comprehensive in-water surveys. Our services include:

  • Hull Inspection: Meticulously assess the underwater hull for signs of damage, corrosion, biofouling, and coating condition.

  • Appurtenance Inspection: Evaluate the condition of rudders, propellers, shafts, and other underwater appendages.

  • Draft Survey: Accurately measure vessel draft for optimal cargo loading and operational efficiency.

  • Anodes & Cathodic Protection Systems: Assess the condition of sacrificial anodes and cathodic protection systems to ensure proper corrosion protection.

  • Sea Chest Inspection: Evaluate the condition of sea chests and ensure proper operation of cooling water intake systems.

  • Propeller & Shaft Measurements: Measure propeller pitch and shaft alignment for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Advanced Technology & Detailed Reporting:

Our dive teams utilize high-definition underwater cameras, ultrasonic thickness gauges, and other specialized equipment to capture detailed data and images. Following the survey, you receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings, including:

  • Detailed descriptions of all observations

  • High-resolution photographs and video footage

  • Measurements and supporting data

  • Recommendations for repairs or maintenance, if necessary

GEOMAR: Your Partner for Safe and Efficient Vessel Operations

By proactively scheduling in-water surveys with GEOMAR, you can ensure the continued seaworthiness of your vessels, minimize downtime, and optimize operational efficiency. Contact GEOMAR today to discuss your specific needs and schedule your next in-water vessel survey.

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