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Argus Fertilizers Asia 2024!

Excited to Announce GEOMAR Participation at Argus Fertilizers Asia 2024!

GEOMAR Co. Ltd is thrilled to announce our participation at the Argus Fertilizers Asia 2024 event!

This premier industry event brings together key players across the fertilizer value chain. We look forward to connecting, sharing insights, and exploring new opportunities.

GEOMAR Ensures Smooth Sailing for Fertilizer Exports from Georgia

Georgia, a key fertilizer exporter in the Black Sea region, can rely on GEOMAR Co.Ltd. for expert inspection services. We offer a comprehensive inspection package specifically tailored to fertilizers, ensuring their quality and quantity throughout the export process at Georgian ports.

Maintaining Quality Standards:

Our team of qualified inspectors examines your fertilizer cargo, verifying that it meets the agreed-upon specifications. This includes crucial aspects such as nitrogen content, moisture levels, granule size, anticaking agents, purity, and free-flowing properties, ensuring that the product reaches its destination with the intended potency.

Quantity Verification:

Accuracy is paramount. GEOMAR's inspectors utilize proven methods to verify the exact quantity of your fertilizer cargo, preventing discrepancies and safeguarding your financial interests.


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