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GEOMAR Takes Part in the Prestigious Le Rendez-Vous ParisMAT 2024

Collective effort always pays off in success, and “GEOMAR Maritime Consultants and Surveyors” is a part of this achievement.


GEOMAR Co. Ltd. was proud to be a participant at Le Rendez-Vous ParisMAT 2024, held in Paris, France on June 24th and 25th. This key industry event brought together over 600 professionals from the Marine, Transport, and Aviation insurance sectors, making it a valuable platform for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration.

ParisMAT serves as a premier forum for discussing critical issues shaping the future of the insurance landscape. This year's event focused on a range of topics, including:

  • Worldwide Economic Overview: From Inflation to New Challenges - How is the current economic climate impacting the Marine, Transport, and Aviation insurance market? Experts discussed the implications of inflation and other emerging challenges.

  • Electric Vehicles and Lithium-Ion Batteries: Transportation Risks and Solutions - This session explored the growing adoption of electric vehicles and the unique risks associated with lithium-ion batteries in the transportation sector. Discussions focused on potential solutions and mitigation strategies.

  • Inflation Impact on Insurance - A dedicated session analyzed the specific challenges inflation poses for the insurance industry. Professionals explored strategies for adapting to this changing environment.

  • Poseidon Principles Concrete Involvements: First Reporting Templates - This session delved into the practical implementation of the Poseidon Principles, a framework for assessing shipping companies' climate alignment. Discussions centered on the first reporting templates and their impact on the industry.

  • Lessons Learned and Evolution of Marine Incidents - Industry leaders shared insights on recent marine incidents, exploring the lessons learned and how these can inform future safety practices.

  • Space Weather and Solar Storms - An emerging topic, this session explored the potential risks of space weather events on marine and aviation operations. Discussions addressed mitigation strategies and preparedness measures.

  • Fleet Renewal Challenges - The session examined the challenges associated with fleet renewal in the current economic climate. Experts addressed issues such as supply chain disruptions and cost fluctuations.

  • Space Surveillance: A Sovereignty Challenge - This session delved into the growing importance of space surveillance for maritime and aviation activities. Discussions considered the challenges and opportunities related to space sovereignty.

  • Status of Major Global Risks - A comprehensive overview of the current risk landscape, focusing on major global risks that could impact the insurance industry.

  • Geopolitical Risks - Given the current geopolitical climate, this session explored how political instability and evolving global power dynamics affect the Marine, Transport, and Aviation insurance sector.

  • France Reindustrialization through Marine Sector and Blue Economy - This session examined the role of the Marine sector and the Blue Economy in France's reindustrialization efforts. Discussions focused on potential opportunities for the insurance industry.

  • Fine Art and Specie Transport - A specialized session exploring the unique risks and considerations associated with the transport of fine art and valuables.

  • IUMI (International Union of Marine Insurers) Presentation, Roles and Actions

  • AI, Data and New Technologies Applicable to Marine & Aviation Insurance - This session explored the potential of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other emerging technologies in transforming the Marine and Aviation insurance landscape.

  • Main Activity Points of Marine Actors – 3 Major Subjects for Near Future - This session likely focused on the key areas of focus for marine insurance players in the coming years. Briefly summarize the three major subjects discussed.

By actively participating in these discussions, GEOMAR gained valuable insights into emerging trends and the future direction of the industry. 

We are grateful to CESAM, the organizers of Le Rendez-Vous ParisMAT, for hosting such an informative and engaging event.

The opportunity to connect with industry leaders and share our expertise was invaluable. GEOMAR remains committed to staying at the forefront of the Marine, Transport, and Aviation insurance sector, and we look forward to participating in future ParisMAT events.


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