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Multimodal Transport and Transit Forum 2024

GEOMAR, a leader in cargo survey and loss adjusting services across the Transcaucasus region, is pleased to announce its participation in the recent Multimodal Transport and Transit Forum 2024, organized by the RDL Group. The forum took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on April 23-24, 2024.

MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT AND TRANSIT FORUM 2024, a dynamic conference scheduled for April 23-24, 2024, in the historic and culturally rich city of Tbilisi, Georgia. This event is set to be a pivotal platform for professionals and key players in the transportation and logistics sector, focusing on the evolving landscape of multimodal transportation across Europe and Asia.

Keynote Questions:

  • Cargo transportation market trends and transit via Black Sea region.

  • Transcontinental and regional routes. Loads on the transport corridors and growth prospects for freight turnover.

  • Trade and commodities outlook in the Black Sea region.

  • Growth of Georgia’s potential as a sea and land hub for cargo transportation.

  • Black Sea countries role in the development of the TITR. Transit potential of the region.

  • Construction and renovation of railways in the Black Sea countries.

  • International road transportation and trade with the European Union, countries of the Black Sea region and Caucasus.

  • Sea shipping and freight market conditions in the Black Sea.

  • Seaports development – become «greener» and «smarter».


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