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Cargo Damage Survey & Loss Adjusters

Cargo damage surveys and loss adjuster surveys are both important processes that are used to assess damage and settle claims. 

The vast network of global trade keeps the world moving, but unforeseen events can disrupt the smooth flow of goods. When cargo is damaged or lost during transport, cargo damage and loss adjusters become crucial figures in ensuring fair compensation for all parties involved.

Cargo damage surveyors and loss adjusters act as impartial intermediaries between shippers, consignees, insurers, and carriers.

Here's how we can help you navigate the complexities of a cargo claim:

  • Prompt Investigation: We respond swiftly to your claim, arriving at the scene of the incident or damaged cargo location to initiate a thorough investigation.

  • Comprehensive Loss Assessment: Our experienced professionals meticulously assess the extent of damage, loss, or deterioration of your cargo. This includes evaluating the cause, identifying responsible parties, and gathering relevant evidence.

  • Detailed Reports: We provide clear and concise reports outlining our findings, including photographs, documentation, and calculations of potential compensation. These reports are crucial for supporting your claim with the insurance company or carrier.

  • Negotiation & Settlement: We leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to negotiate a fair and timely settlement with the responsible party on your behalf.

  • Expert Witness Services:  If your claim proceeds to legal proceedings, we can provide expert witness testimony based on our investigation and findings.

Our Expertise Extends Across All Cargo Types:

Whether you're dealing with containerized goods, bulk cargo, or specialized shipments, our adjusters possess the necessary knowledge and experience to handle diverse cargo claims. Here are some specific areas of expertise:

  • Marine Cargo:  Damage or loss at sea requires a specialized understanding of maritime regulations and insurance policies.

  • Air Cargo:  Time-sensitive shipments require prompt investigation and efficient claims processing.

  • Inland Transportation:  Whether by road or rail, cargo damage can occur during inland transportation. Our adjusters can assess the damage and determine liability.

Specialized Expertise for Specific Cargo:

Our team goes beyond general cargo claims and offers specialized knowledge for various cargo types:

  • Perishable Products: We understand the time-sensitive nature of perishables and the impact of temperature fluctuations or improper handling. Our surveyors can assess spoilage, evaluate storage conditions, and determine liability.

  • Frozen Products: Maintaining proper freezing temperatures is crucial for frozen goods. Our surveyors can investigate temperature deviations, assess product quality loss, and ensure proper documentation for claims.

  • Consumer Products: Damage to consumer goods can occur during packaging, handling, or transportation. Our surveyors can assess the extent of damage and determine if it renders the product unfit for sale.

  • Cars: Vehicle damage during transport requires specialized knowledge. Our surveyors can assess collision damage, mechanical issues arising from transport, and ensure proper documentation for claims.

  • Beverages: Leakage, spoilage, or contamination can damage beverage shipments. Our surveyors can investigate the cause, assess the extent of loss, and ensure proper sampling and testing procedures are followed for claims involving beverage products.

  • Fertilizers: We possess in-depth knowledge of fertilizer composition and regulatory requirements. Our surveys can determine the condition of wet-damaged fertilizers, assess caking or compression issues, and quantify granule loss, providing essential evidence for claims.

  • Steel Products: Finished steel products are susceptible to physical damage and rusting which can occur prior to shipment. Even relatively minor damage to steel products can lead to extensive claims being pursued against a vessel owner which may well have occured prior to loading.

Don't Face Cargo Issues Alone

Cargo claims can be complex and time-consuming. Here's how GEOMAR can help:

  • Free Consultation: Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your cargo claim and explore your options.

  • 24/7 Availability: We understand the urgent nature of cargo claims. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to your needs.

  • Global Network: With a network of adjusters worldwide, we can handle cargo damage surveys efficiently regardless of location.

Minimize your stress and maximize your recovery with the assistance of a qualified cargo surveyors and loss adjusters.

Contact GEOMAR today for a free consultation!

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