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Metals & Minerals

Your Partner for Guaranteed Metals and Minerals Inspection

At Geomar, we understand the critical importance of ensuring quality and quantity throughout the metals and minerals supply chain. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of inspection services to guarantee your shipments, from origin to destination.

Our Services:

  • Quantity Verification: Ensure accurate cargo weight and volume with our comprehensive service. We employ various methods like Draft Surveys for vessels and supervised weighing of railcars and trucks to guarantee the weight of your loaded or discharged cargo. We verify the accuracy of cargo weight and volume to prevent discrepancies and ensure you receive what you pay for.

  • Sampling: Our experts employ meticulous sampling techniques to obtain representative samples for further analysis.

  • Loading Supervision: Safeguard the integrity and quality of your metal and mineral shipments with our dedicated loading supervision service.

We ensure:

Adherence to quality standards: We verify your cargo meets the agreed-upon specifications, free from foreign materials and out-of-specification particulars.

Proper loading practices: Our experienced inspectors oversee the loading process to prevent damage and ensure safe and efficient cargo handling.

  • Moisture and Sizing Analysis: We determine the moisture content and size distribution of your cargo to meet contractual specifications and avoid quality-related issues.

Our Expertise:

We specialize in inspecting a wide range of metals and minerals, including:

  • Iron Ore

  • Manganese Ore

  • Ferro Silico Manganese

  • Coal

  • Coke Nuts

  • Anthracites

  • Quartzite

  • Copper Concentrates

Benefits of Choosing Geomar:

  • Experienced Inspectors: Our team comprises highly qualified and certified inspectors with extensive experience in the metals and minerals industry.

  • Accurate and Reliable Results: We utilize advanced equipment and proven methodologies to deliver accurate and reliable inspection results.

  • Global Reach: We operate a global network, ensuring we can support your inspections wherever your cargo originates or is destined.

Contact Geomar Today and Secure Your Next Shipment

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