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It is natural that prior to launching lifeboats into the sea in case of drills, master of the vessel requests permission from authorities. However, the procedure for obtaining permission varies from country to country and even from port to port within the same country.

In case of launching a lifeboat by not properly following authorization procedure, the vessel may be detained and fined. The facts will be reviewed by authorities as violation of port regulations and navigational rules.

Following the Code of Administrative Infringements of Georgia master of the vessel could be fined due to violation of the navigational regime for the maximum amount of 50 000.00 GEL (abt 18000.00 USD).

Following regulations and obtaining permission by VHF for the lifeboat drills from Port Dispatcher, or from Port Control is not enough. The following regulations should be taken into attention:

Director of the Maritime Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia

Order No. 019 August 31, 2012 Batumi

Approval of "Port Rules" Article 35. Use of shipboard life-saving and other floating objects appliances It is prohibited to disembark from vessel (boats, rescue boats, rafts) unless: A) It is necessary to check / test this floating object and their waterborne mechanisms, which shall be agreed with the Port State Control and Supervision Service. In the case specified in this subparagraph, a floating object shall be lowered only to the surface of the water, in the case of a training alarm or at the request of the captain of the Port State Control, but manoeuvring and leaving away from board of vessel prohibited without the permission of the Coast Guard. (B) The abovementioned implementation is related to the rescue and rescue work of people at sea. (C) In cases provided for by the security requirements of a state contract.

In conclusion, by default vessels not aloud to lower and maneuvering any lifesaving appliances for the drills purposes.

To obtain permission Master should:

  1. Obtain permission from Port State Control (Harbour Master) prior to drills to lower the boat till the surface of the water only.

  2. Obtain permission from Coast Guard in order to lower boat into the water and maneuvering within vessel proximity.

Failing to obtain both permissions, the vessel under risk of detention fine for the violation of the navigational regime as stated above. Additionally, in order to avoid misunderstandings between the ship crew and between several permitting authorities, it is recommended to Masters, not to obtain permission directly by VHF only, but to inquire ship agent to obtain such permission from local authorities preferably in written form. Officer on board to ensure, that all requests and permissions timely recorded in deck log book and voice records of VHF conversations available at request.


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