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Cargo Pre-Loading Survey

Pre-Loading Surveys: Essential for Protecting Your Interests

Vessel owners are responsible for ensuring that cargo is delivered to cargo owners in the same state as it was loaded. Despite this obligation, finished steel products are prone to physical damage and rusting before being shipped. Even minor damage to steel products can result in significant claims against a vessel owner, some of which may have occurred before loading. Accurately clausifying bills of lading is crucial to defending against claims and safeguarding the interests of Members.

Comply with P&I Club Requirements and Minimize Cargo Claims

At GEOMAR, we understand the importance of adhering to P&I Club regulations and safeguarding your shipments, especially when it comes to steel products.

The responsibility of vessel owners to ensure the safe delivery of cargo and the importance of conducting pre-loading surveys are essential factors for steel shipments.

Why Pre-Loading Surveys are Essential for Steel Products:

  • P&I Club Requirement: Many P&I Clubs mandate pre-loading surveys for steel products to ensure proper cargo care and protect members' interests.

  • Minimize Cargo Claims: Steel is prone to damage during transport. Early detection of damage or inadequate packaging through pre-loading surveys helps prevent costly claims.

  • Accurate Bills of Lading: Surveys enable accurate documentation of cargo condition, insertion of approriare remarks, ensuring fair terms and protecting you in case of disputes.

What Our Pre-Loading Surveys Cover:

Our comprehensive steel pre-loading surveys go beyond just the cargo itself. We follow the guidelines outlined in the P&I Club article, inspecting:

  • Steel Products: We examine a wide range of steel products, including:

    • Structural sections (beams, columns, bearing piles, channels, angles, etc.)

    • Plates

    • Hot and cold rolled steel (coils, bundles, packs)

    • Coils of bar and wire rod

    • Flat bars, merchant bars, grousers

    • Track products

    • Pipes (small and large diameter)

    • Sheet piling

    • Coated steel pipes

    • Profiles/girders

  • Vessel Hatchcovers Weathertightness Survey: By arranging weathertightness inspection of the hatch cover using ultrasonic equipment (ULD Survey), we ensure weathertight integrity of the vessel's hatches to prevent moisture damage during transport.

  • Loading and Stowage: Our experienced surveyors advise the Master on proper loading and stowage techniques for optimal cargo safety.

Contact GEOMAR today to schedule your pre-loading survey and ensure a smooth, compliant, and damage-free steel shipment.

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