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Crew Claims and Medical Support

Expert Guidance for Settling Crew Claims

The crew claims statistically account about 30% in average of clubs claims. At GEOMAR we handle a large number of cases annually. Company staff has good experience and practice in relation of handling following most common activities and related claims:

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to prioritize the well-being of your crew while minimizing the financial burden of claims:

  • Crew Follow-Up Treatment and Expense Control:

    We ensure your crew receives the necessary medical care after an incident, while also managing associated costs effectively.

  • Crew Emergency Repatriation:

    In cases of serious illness or injury, we arrange for safe and timely repatriation of your crew member back home.

  • Organization of Medical Escort:

    When a crew member requires in-transit medical support, we organize a qualified medical escort to ensure their well-being during transport.

  • Disability Compensation:

    We assist in securing fair compensation for crew members who suffer permanent or temporary disabilities due to an incident.

  • Death Compensation:

    In the tragic event of a crew member's death, we work diligently to secure appropriate compensation for their loved ones.

Key Reasons to Select GEOMAR:

  • Experienced Team: Our team boasts extensive experience handling crew-related claims, ensuring you receive expert guidance throughout the process.

  • Medical facility access: Treatment provided on credit without requiring pre-payment.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: We strive to minimize claim costs through efficient case management and securing fair settlements.

  • Peace of Mind: With GEOMAR by your side, you can focus on your crew's well-being and your business operations, knowing their care is in capable hands.

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