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Radiation Level Survey

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: Radiation Level Inspection of Metals and Minerals

Inspection of radiation level a very important point during import&export of steel scrap shipments. The inspection of other metal products could be carried out at request. The equipment we use is highly portable ready to use at any required time and may measure Alpha, beta, Gamma and X-radiation. The readings could be reported at your choice in CPM (counts per minute) and mR/hr or to the international standard of µSv/hr.

The presence of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) can be a concern within the metals and minerals industry. GEOMAR offers comprehensive Radiation Level Inspection services to ensure your metal and mineral shipments meet contractual specifications and avoid costly delays at ports.

Why Choose GEOMAR for Pre-Shipment Radiation Level Inspection?

  • Contractual Compliance: Our inspections verify that your metal and mineral cargo (steel scrap, ferro-alloys, iron ore, manganese ore, etc.) meet the radiation level limits specified in your export contracts.

  • Minimized Delays: Pre-shipment inspections prevent potential hold-ups or rejections at destination ports due to non-compliant radiation levels.

  • Fast and Efficient Service: Our experienced teams ensure timely inspections to keep your shipments on schedule.

  • Globally Recognized Expertise: GEOMAR's inspections are recognized by international regulatory bodies, facilitating smooth customs clearance.

  • Reduced Costs: Avoiding shipment delays and potential fines associated with non-compliance saves you time and money.

GEOMAR: Your Partner for Smooth and Compliant Metal & Mineral Exports

By partnering with GEOMAR for pre-shipment radiation level inspection, you can ensure your metal and mineral exports meet all contractual and regulatory requirements. Contact GEOMAR today to discuss your specific needs and schedule an inspection that keeps your shipments moving efficiently and compliantly.

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