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Tally Survey

Navigate Cargo with Confidence: GEOMAR's Tally Surveys

Ensuring accurate cargo quantity and condition is crucial for smooth maritime operations and minimizing disputes. GEOMAR's Tally Surveys provide shipowners, shippers, and charterers with independent and reliable verification of cargo loaded, discharged, or transferred during vessel operations.

Why Choose GEOMAR for Your Tally Surveys?

Experienced & Certified: Our qualified surveyors hold industry certifications and possess extensive experience in various cargo types and handling procedures.

Global Reach: With a network of surveyors worldwide, we're available at major ports and terminals wherever your cargo moves.

Unwavering Integrity: We operate with strict impartiality, safeguarding the interests of all involved parties.

Detailed Reporting: Receive comprehensive reports documenting cargo quantities, condition, packing, and any identified discrepancies.

Technology-Driven: We utilize digital tools and data capture systems for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

What Our Tally Surveys Cover:

  • Physical Count: Our surveyors meticulously count and verify all individual cargo units, adhering to international standards and best practices.

  • Condition Assessment: We inspect cargo for visible damage, ensuring its suitability for transport and potential insurance claims.

  • Marking & Labeling Verification: We confirm that cargo markings and labels accurately reflect the contents and comply with regulations.

  • Sealing & Security Checks: We verify seal integrity and document security measures taken throughout the cargo handling process.

  • Documentation Review: We review cargo manifests, bills of lading, and other relevant documents for accuracy and completeness.

Benefits for Shipowners:

  • Minimize cargo disputes: Ensure accurate cargo records and avoid disagreements with shippers or charterers.

  • Protect against losses: Identify and document any discrepancies before cargo leaves your responsibility.

  • Optimize cargo operations: Streamline loading and unloading processes with efficient and reliable tallying.

Benefits for Shippers:

  • Verify cargo receipt: Confirm accurate delivery of your goods at the destination port.

  • Maximize insurance coverage: Document cargo condition for potential insurance claims.

  • Mitigate liability risks: Ensure proper cargo handling and avoid disputes with receivers.

Benefits for Charterers:

  • Protect your interests: Verify cargo quantity and condition before accepting responsibility.

  • Reduce financial risks: Minimize exposure to potential cargo discrepancies and associated costs.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance: Meet charter party obligations and adhere to relevant cargo regulations.

Contact GEOMAR Today:

Experience the peace of mind that comes with accurate and reliable cargo verification. Contact GEOMAR today to discuss your specific needs and request a quote for your next Tally Survey.

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