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NDT Survey
Non Destructive Testing & Inspections

Using Special EquipmentepartmentWe use modern NDT equipment and other tools to carry out various type of inspections. Such inspections are, but not limited to hatch water tightness inspection using ultrasonic equipment, Thermal Imaging, Infrared Thermometers.Inspection supporting special equipment like radiation monitoring, equipment for downloading temperature from refrigerated container data loggers, equipment for retrieving temperature records from reefer container, moisture meters e.t.c..

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line
Thermal Imaging Survey

Seeing the Unseen: GEOMAR's Thermal Imaging Surveys for Optimized Operations

Cargo Ship
Ultrasonic Leak Detection (ULD) Survey

Secure Your Cargo with Reliable Hatch Cover Inspections: Ultrasonic Technology at Its Finest

Cargo Ship
Radiation Level Survey

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: Radiation Level Inspection of Metals and Minerals

Cargo Ship
Container Temperature Data Retrieval services

Keeping Your Cool Chain Secure with Container Temperature Data Retrieval

Cargo Ship
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