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GEOMAR appointed by P&I Clubs as a local correspondent for the territory of Georgia.


Years of Experience


Correspondent for IG P&I Member clubs


Correspondent for fixed premium P&I Clubs

 Your Trusted P&I Correspondent

Maritime traditions, respect for seafarers, and a focus on shipowner satisfaction are cornerstones of our company. Our experienced surveyors and correspondents leverage their extensive seagoing background to pioneer best practices.


Our dedicated correspondents and surveyors actively participate in P&IQ studies to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and stay ahead of the curve in industry knowledge and best practices.

Our strong relationships with local authorities, ports, and terminals enable us to mediate claims promptly and effectively.

Continuous improvement is at our core. We meticulously study relevant laws, regulations, and circulars, translating them into actionable insights for P&I Clubs and Members. Our expertise culminates in practical loss prevention circulars shared with the maritime community.

We are correspondents for the following IG P&I Club Members 

We are correspondents for the following Non IG Member Clubs  

Aerial View of Containers

Marine Claims

Surveying Services for Towage, Salvage, General Average, and Wreck Removal in Georgia

Collisions with FFO

Mitigating Collision Risks with FFO: Expert Investigations and Support

Bunker Disputes

Navigating the Rise of Bunker Disputes: Expert Support for P&I Clubs and Members

Crew Claims and Medical Support

Expert Guidance for Settling Crew Claims

Vessel Pre-Entry Condition Survey

Secure Smooth P&I Entry & Crew Compliance with GEOMAR's Services

Navigational Claims

Ensuring Smooth Navigation in Georgian Waters: Expert Support for P&I Clubs and Members

Pollution Claims

Navigating Stricter Pollution Controls in Georgia

Cargo Pre-Loading Survey

Pre-Loading Surveys: Essential for Protecting Your Interests

Cargo Damage Survey & Loss Adjusters

Cargo damage surveys and loss adjuster surveys are both important processes that are used to assess damage and settle claims. 

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