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shipments are the most important industries which requires inspection from supplier to consumer to prevent damages, shortages and out of specification supplies.The most important areas of cargo sale and purchase take place at ports, silos,warehouses where we can arrange required inspection services of quantity and quality of goods. Inspection will be performed as per GAFTA and FOSFA requirements.


Main part of the agro sectors is supply of fertilizers. Georgia is one of the main exporters of fertilizers on the Black Sea area. Such fertilizers as Ammonium Nitrate and Ammonium Suplhate being produced in Georgia and exported via Georgian ports where we are able to carry out inspections of quality and quantity of exported products.

Frozen and Chilled Products

Company has a reach experience in sphere of inspections of chilled and frozen products. Such cargoes transported at special carriage conditions which includes not only the air temperature, but also control of fresh air exchange, CO2 and O2 concentrations. Our company has all required modern equipment to take temperature readings of cargo, retrieve the temperature records from reefer container data logger or other portable temperature recording devices. We also proud of invention to our inspection process the use of thermal imaging equipment, which opens a new dimensions in techniques of cargo and storage inspection.

Metals & Minerals

We offer wide rangeof services for cargoes like ore, minerals and concentrates. Raw materials beingtransported in large amounts majorly by sea transport. Inspection at load ordischarge ports are very important part of commodity inspection. For suchcargoes like ores, concentrates, minerals being sold as usual on the dry basis weightthe sampling & moisture determination are critical moments. Our company offers most required list of services including but not limited to following scope of inspections: Quantity, Sampling, Moisture and Sizing for the following cargoes: iron ore | Manganese Ore | FerroSilico Manganese | Coal | Coke Nuts | Anthracites | Quartzite | Copper Concentrates | .

Project Cargo

Being consisting of fully dismantled factory or even from a single equipment item, project cargo could cost a million dollars. Pre-shipment inspection of equipment, planning of safe loading on board of vessels for sea transportation, stowage and securing, loading & discharging supervision, control over further reloading to other means of transport are the compulsory and critical points which requires inspection and strict control.At GEOMAR, we collected a deep knowledge and experience in heavy lift and project cargo inspections at all mentioned critical points of transportation chain.